Photo / Slide / Negative Scanning


Photo Scanning

The classic printed photo.  You have them in albums, in boxes, on the shelf and all over the house. We scan anything up to 8x10 with fine colour and detail preservation.

Slide Scanning

We love slides. Nothing beats bringing a box of slides or an old carousel back to life. Each slide is manually corrected for colour, contrast and levels. We also remove dust and blemishes. Your slides will never look better. 

Negative Scanning

Negatives can be fragile and get beaten up over time. It's also really hard to see just what's on the film!  We hand scan each negative, using our scanners to remove surface dust and blemishes. The mystery is revealed and your memories are preserved

Photo Albums

Photo albums can be tricky and  must be handled great care. We carefully handle all types, from slide-in pocket style to older albums with sticky adhesive pages. For album pages with annotations or if the photos are stuck to the page so they can't be removed without damage, we can scan the full page to capture any written notes and eliminate the risk of damage.

Documents & Memorabilia

In addition to your family photos, we can also scan documents, scrapbooks, postcards, newspaper clippings, etc. Much to your children's chagrin, we can also scan report cards, letters from camp and diary entries.