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1. What is included with a photo/negative/slide scan?

Our standard image scan is done at 600 DPI for most photos and 4000 DPI for slides and negative. We scan files to both JPG and TIFF formats. This provides archival quality and options for future reproduction and gives you a smaller, more flexible file for sharing.  We also remove dust and manually colour and contrast correct each photo.  

2. What is a TIFF format and why do I want it?

TIFF is the uncompressed file format you didn’t know that you need. It  makes your preservation efforts worthwhile. Scanning to TIFF as we do results in higher-quality images for your archival record. It takes more time and produces larger files--which means that a lot of other services don’t do it. We believe this attention to detail and care for your memories differentiates us and makes your preservation efforts worthwhile. 

2. Can I mix between slides, photos and negatives in my project?

Yes, you can mix formats between standard size photos, film and slides in one order or within our packages. VHS tape transfer, however, cannot be mixed and is treated as a separate order.

3. How do I place an order?

After you contact Memory Saver, your project will be reviewed in detail and an estimate will be generated for your approval. Once you have authorized the work order, arrangements will be made for your original material to be received and your project will begin.

4. How do I get the material to Memory Saver?

In keeping with our commitment to complete customer service, Memory Saver is happy to make a house call to homes in the Saint John area of New Brunswick. You may also drop off your material to our office. If you are outside of Saint John, you will courier your materials to us 

5. How should I prepare materials for shipping?

We recommend you use a new, sturdy box packed with bubble wrap for protection. Avoid packing peanuts, they can damage your material. For further protection and to help organize them your material, it is a good idea to  place them in ziplock plastic bags. Place your material at the centre of the box with padding all around.

6. How long will the service take?

Delivery for most orders is within 2 weeks or less. A firmer delivery time will be given at the time of your order and will depend factors like the size and complexity of your request. 

7. How will I receive the digitized material?

You can choose from a number of options based on your preference and needs.  A convenient no-cost option is to have material placed on a secure server for you to download. You can also select to have your material saved to physical formats such as an external hard drive or thumb jump drive--either supplied by you or purchased from Memory Saver. We can also burn your data to CD or DVD.

8. How will my digitized material be organized?

Logically and with care. 

We strongly encourage you to provide titles and labels to your material when you submit your project. We will exactly match this organization with your digitized files. So, your batch of photos organized as “Baby’s First Christmas” will be exactly reproduced and easy to find.

9. When is payment due?
No upfront payment or deposit is necessary. Full payment is due at the end of the project prior to the digital files and original materials being returned.

10. What payment methods are accepted?
You are able to pay with cash, credit card (via Freshbooks invoice), Paypal, or eTransfer. We will also take cheques, allowing time for the funds to clear before the order is delivered.

11. What if I have an issue or am not satisfied with some aspect of the service?

All of our work is 100% guaranteed for a full year. If you’re not completely satisfied, just let us know and we’ll make it right.

12. May I submit copyrighted materials?

You must own and have rights to the material submitted for conversion. It is illegal to make copies of material like TV programs or movies. 

13. Is it safe and confidentiality?

Absolutely. Materials provided to us are kept secure while in our care. You retain all ownership rights and we will not share or otherwise use your content for marketing or any other reason without seeking your written consent.  When delivering materials, we use tracked courier shipping. All cloud postings and downloads are done on secured, protected servers.

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