Photo / slide / Negative scanning
vhs tape transfer

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Organize, Share & Preserve Your Family Memories

Scan, Archive & Share

Like many, you likely have shelves full of photo albums and boxes of old tapes and memorabilia. Digital photo scanning and the transfer of movies creates a safe archive of your memories and allows you to share them anew with family and friends. 

Flexible & Convenient

Whether you have a small project in mind or have a big box of prints, negatives and slides to be archived, you're in complete control of your project from start to finish. Convenient packages make it easy to save and we'll deliver your digitized materials however you want them. We even make house calls for those in the Greater Saint John area! 

Local Professional Care & Customer Service

Your scans and transfers are made with individual attention, one at a time, with utmost care. We digitize to archival quality, making each scan a lasting keepsake. All our work is fully guaranteed for a full year and we even keep a free back-up of your project for three months. 

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