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Preserve your precious family memories

Memory Saver digitizes your family treasures so you can share and enjoy them with family and friends.

We transfer video and scan your photographs, photo albums, negatives, slides, and personal memorabilia to today's digital formats. 


We proceed on the principle that if you're taking the time and initiative to preserve your family memories, you deserve to have them digitized to the highest standards.
Video transfers are done on high quality, specialized equipment and output to high resolution digital formats. We can edit start and finish times of your tape to ensure you transfer only the video you want.
Each scanned image has dust and surface imperfections removed and is given a full check for quality once scanned: brightness and contrast, levels, tone, sharpness, We rotate and straighten, crop, and remove minor scratches and blemishes.
All work is done in-house by our experts, meaning no third parties are involved and eliminating the need for risky shipping of your irreplaceable photos and video.

Video Transfer

VHS Tape to Digital

VHS tapes were tremendously convenient for capturing and viewing video on the TV, but they are a poor long-term storage format and difficult to share.

The picture and audio quality of tapes that are 15 years old (or more) starts to significantly deteriorate and can become lost over time.

Add to that the threat of damage from moisture, mold, warping, and breakage, and there is a strong case for you not to delay in transferring your tapes to digital format before they are lost.

Image Scanning


Back before the invention of the iPhone, capturing and sharing family memories involved film, negatives, slides, and printed photos.

Even with the best intentions, photos eventually ended up in boxes, slides were packed into carousels and never seen (because who has a slide projector), and no one can ever really tell what's on a negative.

Digitizing your photos is the answer! Store them safely, pass them on to future generations, share them with family members on social media. All possible with scanning and digitization.

Document Scanning


Not all family memories are photographs.

Just as cherished are things like children's letters to Santa and the Tooth Fairy, report cards and school artwork. Even postcards, scrapbooks, and letters from camp all make up invaluable "memory boxes" from your past .

Digitization can preserve these treasures too. 

Image Restoration


Even with the best care and attention, slides and printed photos can become damaged over time from scratches, exposure to light, moisture, fading or general mishap.

All is not lost. 

With our expertise in image restoration, we can work to repair the damages and restore the photographs to their original state.

In some cases, where the film processing was poorly done, we can even deliver restored images that are better than the orginal.

Recent Projects

Memory Saver is proud to have helped so many preserve and share their family memories. In some cases, slides and negatives have been kept in boxes for years and never seen or shared with children or grandkids. Here are a few samples from our clients.


We offer personalized and high quality service with a-la-carte pricing and packages to discounts on larger volume orders. Our pricing reflects our care and attention to detail. 
VHS Video Transfer


  • Full output and capture of your VHS tape to archivable and shareable digital format.

  • Price per 2 hour tape.

  • Volume discount packages for 5+ tapes.

  • Editing available for additional fee.

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Image Scan


  • High res scan and capture of your original photo, slide, negative, or document to digital format.

  • Includes archive-quality TIFF file and shareable, high quality JPG.

  • Cost per scan.

  • Volume discounts available for larger projects (100+ images).

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Photo Restoration


  • Professional restoration of aged or damaged photos and material. 

  • Pricing is dependent on the condition and time needed to restore.

  • Quote provided with review of project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we commonly receive. Drop us a line to have your particular question answered.
What photo and printed formats can Memory Saver digitize?
  • Memory Saver can scan and digitize printed photographs, negatives, and slides. For other items like letters, artwork, memorabilia, and scrapbooks, we can scan documents up to 11" x 13" in size.  

What video formats can Memory Saver digitize?
  • Memory Saver can transfer VHS tape to digital formats.

How do I prepare materials and organize for a project?
  • The best way to proceed is to gather, sort, and organize your material into the folders and groupings exactly as you would like to have them returned to you digitally. For example, photos received with the label "Christmas Vacation" or "Honeymoon" will be returned to you in digital folders of the same name and organization.  

How long does it take to complete a project?
  • Small orders (under 100 images or fewer than five VHS tapes) are generally completed within a week. Larger or more complex orders require more time and can take up to 3-4 weeks. Delivery time will vary during peak season. Rush orders are met as much as possible. 

What areas do you serve?
  • We can accommodate projects from across the GTA, but we are primarily focused on providing personal service to the east end of Toronto: The Beaches, The Bluffs, Birchcliff, East York, and Leslieville.  This allows us to provide the kind of neighbourhood door-to-door service that your projects deserve. 

What do I receive as final output when the project is done?
  • The digital files you receive can be delivered to you via physical storage device, such as USB or external hard drive.  (These can be provided or can be purchased from Memory Saver.) We can also burn your images to CD or DVD.  More and more, files are delivered digitally via Google Drive or Drop Box.

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